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It all started in 2019 with an idea to build a community of people who are passionate about surfing in Los Angeles.

After a few meetups, we realized that trying to bring more people and staying connected is a hassle. You always have to hustle for advertising and social media. After countless marketing campaigns, we decided to use a group chat as the best way to stay connected.

People loved surfing with us. After 4 months, our group chat grew from 2 members to over 750 members. According to the analytics, every meetup invite had a significant conversion rate with up to an 88% open rate and 20% conversion rate, which is 2-3 times bigger than other popular advertising channels (social media, email marketing and paid advertising) and group chats are 100% free. Then we got an idea to build our own platform for event organizers and combine: a ticketing system, marketing tools and group chats.

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